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Teaching Excellence Newsletters

Volume 20
Berk, R. "Beyond Student Ratings: “A Whole New World, a New Fantastic Point of View”

LeMay, E. "How Did I Spend Two Hours Grading This Paper?!" Responding to Student Writing Without Losing Your Life"
Ferrante, K. "Orienting Students to an “Inside-Out Course”: Establishing a Classroom Culture of Interactive, Cooperative Learning"
Frederick, J. "Non-Science for Majors: Reforming Courses, Programs, and Pedagogy"
Healey, S. "It Takes Discipline: Learning in a World Without Boundaries"
Horii, C. "Anatomy of a Scientific Explanation"
Chism, N. "Making Sure That Peer Review of Teaching Works for You"
Bennett, P. "Using Rubrics to Teach Science Writing"

Volume 19
Krause and Lagueux, "Beyond Writing: Integrative Learning and Teaching in Fist-Year Seminars"

Cox, M. "Developing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Using Faculty Learning Communities"
Pingree, A. "Teaching, Learning and Spirituality in a College Classroom"
Nickerson, S. "Role-Play: An Often Misused Active Learning Strategy"
Winkelmes, M. "Building Assignments that Teach"
Cooper, T. "Collaboration or Plagiarism? Explaining Collaborative-Based Assignments Clearly"
Nelson, C. "The Right Start: Reflections on a Departmentally Based Graduate Course on Teaching"
Walvoord, B. "The Useful, Sensible, No-Frills Departmental Assessment Plan"

Volume 18
Border, L. "When Disability Enters a Teacher's Life, Must the Teacher Stop Teaching?"
Goodson, L. "Student Plagiarism: How to Maintain Academic Integrity"
Simpson and Willingham-McLain. "Incorporating Course-Level Evidence of Student Learning into Program Assessment"
Baron-Nixon, L. "Information Literacy: Imperatives for Faculty"
Westerman, J. "When Motivating Generation Y in the Classroom"

Mills and Samojlowicz. "A Microteaching Model that Maximizes Feedback, Peer Engagement, and Teaching Enhancement"
Reder, M. "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Student Writing (but Were Afraid to Ask)"
Holmgren, R. "Opening the Door: Faculty Leadership in Institutional Change"

Volume 17
Stevens and Levi. "Leveling the Field: Using Rubrics to Achieve Greater Equity in Teaching and Grading"
Berk, R. "Laughingstock Theater: Humor As a Systematic Teaching Tool"
Comeaux, P. "Assessing Students' Online Learning: Strategies and Resources"
Border, L. "Teaching Portfolios for Graduate Students: Process, Content, Product, and Benefits"
Svinicki, M. "From Passive to Active Learning: Helping Students Make the Shift"
Stein, R.F. and Hurd, S.N. "Student Teams, Teaching, and Technology"

Volume 16
Brinko, K. "Transitions: What's Love Got to Do with It?"
Frederick, P. "The Power of Stories: Connections That Enhance Learning"
Gallagher and Reder. "PowerPoint: Possibilities and Problems"
Harwood, K. "Teaching Bioethics through Participation and Policy-Making"

Franklin, J. "Validity, Research, and Reality: Student Ratings of Instruction at the Crossroads"

Volume 15
Anson: Student Plagiarism: Are Teachers Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?
Loacker: Taking Self Assessment Seriously
Lee: Promoting Learning Through Inquiry

Volume 13
Hansen: From Cognitve Dissoance to Self-Motivated Learning
Hutchings: Reflections on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Kaplan: The Multicultural Teaching Portfolio
Lounsberry: Diversity Begins at Home: Multiculturalism in State and Regional Studies
Pillay and Elliott: Imperatives for Reforming Pedagogy and Curriculum
Robertson: College Teaching as an Educationa Helping Relationships
Spuches: Teachers and Scholars as Designers: The Art and Practice of Instructional Design
Tiberius: Teachers are Diverse, Too--Respecting Each Other's Beliefs

Volume 12
Bennett: Teaching with Hospitality
Howard: Teaching in Action:  Multicultural Education as the Highest Form of Understanding
Stanley: Academic Service-Learning:  Myths, Challenges, and Recommendations
Angelo: Classroom Assessment:  Guidelines for Success

Volume 11
Gibbs: Changing Student Learning Behavior Outside Class
Fink: Higher Level Learning: A Taxonomy for Identifying Different Kinds of Significant Learning
Richardson: Living Up to Expectations
Nolinske: Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment
Gardiner: Fostering Students' Moral Development
Graf: Helping Students (Better) Evaluate and Validate WWW Resources
Muir & Blake: Foundations of Collaboration
Halliburton: The Legacy of John Dewey

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