President Announces Excellence Initiative Awards

President Hartís allocation of her Excellence Initiative funds for this year to establish a competitive, internal program to support research and scholarship has resulted in 17 awards, covering a wide range of interdisciplinary topics, to faculty in all five colleges. By adding nearly $300,000 from an unanticipated increase in indirect cost recovery, and spreading spending over 2 fiscal years, the total amount awarded was increased to about $700,000. Despite these efforts, only 40% of the proposals could be supported.

What follows is a listing and brief description of the funded projects. I would like to thank all of the more than 100 faculty and staff that participated in the creation of a total of 46 proposals. It has been both rewarding and enjoyable to review the breadth and depth of scholarship exhibited in response to this opportunity, and I only wish we could have funded a greater proportion of proposals.

Raina AmesImagination Quest$20,000.00
Julia Bryce
Karen Von Damm
Jack Dib
Influence of degassing on models of magma ascent rates$39,543.00
Gale Carey
Anthony Tagliaferro
Deena Small
Environmental Chemicals and Human Health$50,000.00
Vaughn Cooper
Philip Hatcher
Thomas Kocher
R. Daniel Bergeron
W. Kelley Thomas
Integrating Comparative Genomics and Computer Science$66,696.00
Rick Cote
Karen Carleton
Comparative genomic analysis and protein structural modeling of different phosphodiesterase enzyme families$19,624.00
Matt Davis
Julia Bryce
William McDowell
Hydrologic and geochemical Analysis of Flowpaths and Residence Times in the Headwater Lamprey Watershed, New Hampshire$53,395.00
Emily Douglas
Nina Glick Schiller
Refugee Resettlement in New Hampshire: A Study of Refugee Well-being$55,654.00
Jenna Jambeck
Kevin Gardner
John Halstead
Environmental and Economic Issues With Recycling Construction and Demolition Debris$50,000.00
Jeffrey Johnson
Andrew Kun
UNH Autonomous Geophysical Observatory at Reventador Volcano$27,370.00
Jill McGaughy
Robert Mair
Influence of acetylcholine (ACh) and norepinephrine (NE) on memory-related activity of neurons in prefrontal cortex of the rat $40,147.07
Sharyn Potter
Toni Bisconti
Victoria Banyard
Heather Turner
Reagan Baughman
The Ecology of Direct-Care Workers: Risk and Protective Factors $49,108.00
William SaturnoThe Origins of Maya Kings$20,000.00
Michelle SullivanEarly Markers: Early Developmental Markers for Autism Spectrum disorders in Infants$55,000.00
Rachel TrubowitzPerforming and Reforming Death in Civil War England:  John Milton, Anna Trapnel and Andrew Marvell$18,300.00
Kerryellen Vroman
Rebecca Warner
Emotional Intelligence and the Quality of Communication in Medical Interviews$39,285.40
David Watters
Valerie Cunningham
Jerri Anne Boggis
Blake Gumprecht
Black New England: An Interdisciplinary Research Project$50,221.00
Barbara Prudhomme White
Robert Drugan
A comparison of infants born to mothers under chronic stress: A pilot study that examines the potential effect of stress reduction interventions during pregnancy$64,850.00
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