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Sexual Health at UNH

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If you would like to speak with a Wellness Educator/Counselor about sexuality, STIs, safer sex or any other sexual health topic, please call (603) 862-3823 or make an appointment online

Nelly Pre-Concert Pizza Party

TONIGHT! Free Pizza Before Nelly

Join us for FREE pizza before the Nelly concert. 


Get Tested for Sexually Transmitted Infections at Health Services

FREE $5 Gift Card for Getting Tested

1 in 2 sexually active young people will get an STI by age 25 - most won't know it. 


Colorful condoms and the text "Lifesavers" written across the top.

Condoms, Oh My!

Correct and consistent use of condoms can save your life! 

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Stressed Out Frog Holding On - UNH Students

Stressed? Let Us Help You!

Our stress management services are available to ALL UNH students and most are covered by the Health Fee. 

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Sexual health at UNH

Sexy Time

From abstinence to sexual pleasure - we can help you be comfortable with your sexuality. 

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Well Spoken

  • If you go out to dinner with someone, you find out what they pefer in food. We ought to be able to have a conversation to find out what people prefer when it comes to sex.

    -Betty Dodson